What is the cost for meals?
We are working with our catering services to provide meals for the students. We do not have to full logistics for the meals, but typically the cost is $7. Normally, the meal includes an entree, side and drink.

Are there grassy areas for students who bring packed lunches to eat?

Yes. We have a large campus so there are grassy areas and tables that students can find to sit.

Are students able to purchase food from Marshall Student Center (MSC) or other restaurants on campus?

Yes. Students may purchase food anywhere on campus, but our catering services provides meals specifically for Expo attendees.

Can we bring coolers?
No. We kindly ask that you do not bring any coolers to Expo. We are not responsible for the coolers.

Can students leave the food on the buses?

No. Buses will be parked off campus where students cannot get to the meals.

Where are the maps for Expo?

The maps will be available at Expo. We are working on creating the map to include all of the different events and booths. It will be on the website soon.

Where are campus maps?

Maps can be found online and at: 

Are there campus tours available?

The Engineering Ambassador Mentors (T.E.A.M) will be providing tours of the College of Engineering every 15 minutes on both Friday, February 15th and Saturday, February 16th. To participate, simply approach a guide located outside the engineering advising offices (see map for details). No registration is required! For more information, please contact  


What day is the Event?
The Engineering Expo is Friday, February 16th and Saturday, February 17th. On Friday, we will focus on the Schools and on Saturday we would like to focus on the Community Groups.

Who can attend Engineering Expo?

Anyone can attend! It is a FREE event!

What is the situation for parking?
If you are driving yourselves, free parking is available for parents and other guests in the Beard Parking garage for free on levels 4 to 8. There will be signs directing parents and other guests on where to park and exit to the event. Address: Richard A. Beard Parking Facility, Tampa, FL 33620

How many children and chaperones can I register?

As many as you want!

Will there be food provided?

Lunch normally is $7 a person at the event and there are other restaurants on campus as well.

How long does the event last?

On both days it lasts from 9:00am - 4:00pm.

Can guests only come on Saturday?
Anyone can come either day or on both days, but Expo is much more crowded with schools on Friday.

Is there an age limit for Engineering Expo?
No, there is no age limit for any participants.

What if I have further questions at the event?
There will be volunteers at the event as well as the full board of organizers at the event to answer your questions; just look for someone in an Engineering Expo Shirt or polo.

Where will the events be located?
    A map will be made available on the website before the event showing all significant locations.


What is the cost per child or attendee?
Engineering Expo is a free event. However, Expo does not provide lunch for free. There will be places to purchase food at the event, and last years lunch was typically between $5 and $10. There are also vending machines available in the area to purchase snacks and drinks. You are also free to bring your own lunch, however Expo will not be responsible for any coolers left behind or for their theft.

What is the Girl Scout specific event?
As of right now, we are still generating ideas for what sort of activity your girls will be doing. Our current plan for the activity involves dividing your girls into smaller groups. In each group, the girls will be learning about topics like teamwork, trial-and-error, and safety engineering.

Besides this activity for Girl Scouts, your girls will be able to tour the entirety of the Engineering Expo and learn more about the areas of STEM as well as visit the other booths open to everyone else.

Will there be a specific badge that will be earned? Will that badge be available from you?
Brownies will be close to earning the inventor badge and older girls, juniors, will be close to earning the Product Designer Badge. This badge will not be available from us since it will not be fully completed, but we will have our own Engineering Expo patch in the works for the girls when they complete the activity.

What are the times for the Girl Scout event?
There will be one hour time slots to sign up for at registration. They will start every hour on the hour from 9 am - 3 pm. The girls will also be able to tour the rest of the Expo before or after they participate in the Girl Scout event.

 Is this a two day event or a one day event & may we come either day? 
If you are visiting Expo with a Girl Scout or a Girl Scout troop, events for scouts are only on Saturday. If you are just visiting Expo, the event is two days long, but both days will have the same booths and events. On Friday, we expect thousands of elementary, middle and high school students to come to Expo as a field trip. We would suggest trying to tour Expo on Saturday before or after your scouting event, if possible!

When does registration open? 
We are accepting registrations right now. The link to our registration page is Please click on the link for Engineering Expo Girl Scouts registration to register your Girl Scout or troop.

I registered 15 participants.  Is there anything else I need to do?
Sign up for the time you would prefer to do the Girl Scout activity as well as any of the alternative time slots. After that, please wait for more information as Expo draws near. Don't forget to come to Expo on Saturday, February 17th! 


Will food and drinks be sold or provided?
There will be lunches available at Expo for $7.

What type of merit badge will the scouts earn?
They will earn most of the requirements for the Engineering Badge.

How long does each troop spend at Expo?
The scout activity is scheduled for one-hour time blocks, but Expo is open between 9 am to 4 pm for everyone to walk around as well.

Where do we meet when we arrive at the Expo?
Closer to the event, we will be sending out information on where the scout activities will be taking place. There will be parking available at the Beard Garage and maps will be on the website soon. We will also send out packets closer to the event with directions and information.


When can I set up my exhibit?
You can begin the set up as early as 4 pm on Thursday, February 15th.

Will food or drinks be provided?

Food and drinks will be provided for exhibitors based on the amount requested on the registration form.

What are the exhibit hours?

Exhibitors must be ready to begin presenting at 9:00 AM the latest, and until 4:00 PM.

Where do I park?
Exhibitors may park in Beard Garage on levels 4-8.

Who do I speak to when I arrive?

Please approach the Exhibitor/Volunteers tent in front of ENB.

Where do we get tables and chairs for our exhibit?

Expo will provide Exhibitors with tables and chairs based on their registration. Inside Exhibitors will have tables and chairs already available at their specified location. Outside Exhibitors will need to check out their equipment at the Exhibitor/Volunteers tent during sign-in or on Thursday after 4:00 PM.

Are we responsible for cleaning our area?

Yes, please make sure you pick up any trash left behind after the event.

Do we have to comply with the theme?

The 2018 Engineering Expo theme is “Sustainability and Engineering the Future”. We encourage your exhibit to incorporate some elements of the theme, but this is not mandatory.

How can we get access to electricity and water?

This information will be provided to you when you sign-in.

Are we responsible for providing extension cords?

Yes, Expo only provides tables and chairs. Exhibitors are responsible for all other materials for their exhibit.