MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry)

Join the MOSI team for live space science shows, as we explore what’s out there and how to reach it! First we get a grip on our own solar system as we explore our planets and the forces that move them. Tag along as we talk about how tools like telescopes help us see worlds beyond our own. Finally, as a grand finale, we launch rockets and learn more about the physics and chemistry behind the blast off!

  • Age Group: 1st-8th grade
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers

    We are the American Institute of Chemical Engineers! Our team of presenters have prepared a few experiments for you to watch. From lighting our own hands on fire, to seemingly performing magic reactions, there will be plenty of excitement. Come and learn while being amazed!

  • Age Group: 1st-8th grade
  • Girls Who Code

    Learn about Artificial Intelligence and how it is used in space exploration!

  • Age Group: 5th-8th grade
  • Chemistry Society

    Our exhibit consists of a prerecorded demonstration. As a chemistry organization we will be performing fun chemistry experiments. We will explain the chemistry behind the experiments performed.

  • Age Group: 9th-12th grade
  • Steam Power Demonstration

    Modern industry and engineering would not have been possible without the steam engine. Yet many people have no idea how a steam engine actually works. I will be demonstrating how steam can be harnessed and used to do mechanical work. The demonstration will be conducted on a small scale steam engine/generator system designed and built by myself while attending USF.

  • Age Group: 9th-12th grade & College
  • Maker Marvel

    Maker Marvel is a community of people working on electronic and robotics project. Our motivation is to facilitate users to buy and sell their electronic components online. People can post their unused component or buy components available from another users. We strive to ensure zero waste of electronic component by keeping the component flowing through the local market.

  • Age Group: 9th-12th grade & College
  • Florida Virtual School

    Educational solutions that FLVS brings to students in K-12

  • Age Group: Everyone
  • Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County

    Wetlands, Water, Air and Waste Division - informative demonstrations about environmental engineering. Video/Slide Show segments will run ~ 5 minutes for each division. These segments will be consolidated into on video presentation.

  • Age Group: Everyone
  • Biomedical Engineering Society

    BMES will be presenting two project this semester: a Flex-Controlled Arm Wrestling Device and an Ocular-Control Wheelchair. The arm-wrestling device measures how hard two participants can flex their biceps and moves a 3D-printed set of arms in the direction of whatever participant is producing the strongest electrical signal. The Ocular-Control Wheelchair is a 3D printed wheelchair model that moves based on input gathered from a set of EOG-goggles. By looking in different directions, a participant can start, stop, and change the direction of the wheelchair's motion.

  • Age Group: Everyone
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

    Code an Arduino for line-following robots. Get an inside look into our lab and see the projects we've been working on. Explore technologies such as how wireless charging, small motors, and timers work to make awesome projects. Bring your curiosity and join IEEE at USF, an org where USF students build projects and make their ideas come to life!

  • Age Group: Everyone
  • Society of Aeronautics & Rocketry (SOAR)

    The Society of Aeronautics and Rocketry (SOAR) at USF promotes engineering education and academic performance in a social environment through participation in projects and competitions dedicated to rocketry and aerospace technologies. Through these projects, members have designed and built various liquid and hybrid engine rockets which we will be showcasing at the Engineering Expo. Join us to learn more!

  • Age Group: Everyone
  • Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

    This demonstration will start with a rudimentary explanation of gravity. Next we will show a simple representation of how gravity is present in our solar system. Then we will take you deeper into the theory behind the applications of gravity by explaining Einstein's Theory of Relativity and time dilation. Finally, we will apply Einstein's equations to explain the scenes from Interstellar.

  • Age Group: Everyone
  • Association for Computing Machinery

    ACM will demonstrate a surgery simulation with their very own robotic arm controlled entirely through a virtual simulation.

  • Age Group: Everyone
  • Game Dev Club

    A demonstration of a video game made by club members. This 3D platformer type game was made from scratch by Game Dev Club members, many of whom started the project with little to no game dev experience. In the game, the player navigates a level to find all the required collectibles to win the game.

  • Age Group: Everyone
  • Theta Tau

    Our exhibit will demonstrate different games we have created as an organization. They will be classic games you would see at an arcade like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, etc. We will show a prerecorded demonstration of the games and the model for the arcade cabinet we will build.

  • Age Group: Everyone